CME Requirements

The MSACOFP strives to provide CME activities equal to at least 25 CME credits each year. The MSACOFP reports CME credit to the AOA and the AAFP on attendees' behalf. 

All AOA members, other than those exempted, are required to participate in a CME program and to meet specified CME credit hour requirements for the 2022-2024 CME cycle.

The AOA CME Guide for Osteopathic Physicians 2022-2024 is designed to provide osteopathic physicians with basic guidelines for obtaining CME credit.

For Other Current Information for Osteopathic Physicians, please visit

For the rules on Licensing of Physicians and Surgeons from the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, click HERE.  See Rule Number 20 CSR 2150-2.125 for requirements for Continuing Medical Education.