Administrative Staff

Ramona Mundwiller, Executive Director

Ramona joined the Society in July 2021. Ramona handles all the administrative duties and works to advance the goals and strategic mission of the Society. She joins the MSACOFP from the Missouri Community College Association and brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, ideas and enthusiasm to the Society. Ramona is a graduate of Central Methodist University with a degree in Business Administration. She lives in Hermann, Missouri with her husband Mark, and their Blue Heeler, Annie.

Brandi Lambright, Marketing Coordinator

Brandi creates and manages the graphic design elements for all marketing content for the Society. With her skills as a professional photographer and graphic designer, Brandi brings a new perspective on all the fantastic things that Society has to offer. Starting as a hobby in the 7th grade, Brandi’s love for photography blossomed into so much more than just something for fun. She went to college to pursue a bachelor's degree in photography. While she was there, she had to take several graphic design classes and knew that she could combine photography and graphic design to take what she loves doing to the next level. She’s been photographing and doing graphic design professionally since graduating in 2016. When she’s not working, you can find her photographing, painting, make all types of art and spending time with her husband AJ and their two German Shepherds, Nova and Nira.