Residents and Students

Medical students and residents who are in Missouri and who are focusing on family medicine as their specialty are members of the Society at no cost. We believe in you and want to support you on your journey to full practice. That means your membership does not cost you anything. You have access to all of the members only benefits which include webinars, in person networking events, attendance at the annual Winter Family Medicine Update, and student/resident specific programming. We will host workshops for family medicine student clubs on campus, and we will visit the residency programs and provide clinical presentations, all to enhance your learning. 

If you plan to live and work in Missouri after residency, we look forward to you becoming a full member of our organization.

The future of family medicine depends on you, and it is our job to support you to ensure that future is bright!

If you are not a member of the Society and currently attend one of the COMs, you can join now. Likewise, if you are a family medicine resident, and are not a member of our organization, you can join now.

Join Today!

Conferences and Events for Both Students and Residents

All residents and students involved in family medicine or interested in family medicine are encouraged and welcome to attend our conferences and events. They provide learning and networking environments centered on family medicine. Registration is free! Scholarships and funding are available for travel and hotel.  

Resources and Leadership Opportunities for Students

  • Hands-On Clinical Workshops - The Society can help coordinate clinics such as ultrasound, perineal repair, etc.
  • Leadership Workshop - Normally held at the annual conference, there is a special day of programming focusing on leadership and the special interests of students.
  • Scholarships and funding to the ACOFP Congress of Delegates and Annual Scientific Seminar - Attendance at the national conference is an excellent way to learn about how policies are developed, network with your peers, attend sessions just for you and get exposed to many current issues of the day. The Society offers scholarships to help offset travel with a commitment to attend the Congress of Delegates and student programming.
  • Board of Directors - the student chapter president or coordinator of the family medicine or primary care special interest group is automatically a member of our Board.  As a member, the student has full voting rights which can affect future policies and governance.
  • Students are encouraged to participate on all the Society standing committees.  

Resources and Leadership Opportunities for Family Medicine Residents

  • Scholarships are available through The DiRenna Foundation for the Advancement of Osteopathic Family Medicine.  The Foundation fosters leadership growth and the professional development of family medicine in Missouri. 
  • The Society will gladly visit your residency program to provide a clinical presentation.
  • The Board of Governors allows up to two residents to be full board members.
  • All education and CME programs are free for residents to attend.
  • Residents are welcome to serve as committee members to further our mission.  
  • Residents are also encouraged to apply for funding assistance to attend the ACOFP Congress of Delegates and Scientific Seminars and learn from peers on a national level.